I’m Kirk Chaffee and I’m asking for your vote of support to represent District 29 in the House of Representatives.

Everything in my past 31 years of public service, private business and civic involvement has prepared me today – right now, to best represent this District.

I have proven experience working with individuals, township boards, cities, counties, legislators and federal agencies in numerous capacities with, established networks within this District and across the state of South Dakota.

I’m a seasoned professional with strong leadership and consensus building skills.

I am dedicated to doing the job and doing it right. As only 1 example I’m the only Director of Equalization in the State of South Dakota that has made ag land tax adjustments of nearly $100 million dollars. Department of Revenue has a file on me for sure!

My conservative fundamental views I want you to know I hold true.

1) Fully support ALL Amendments, including the 2nd. I also possess a South Dakota Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit.

2) My personal, religious, and political beliefs define me as a Pro-Life supporter with endangerment and criminal exceptions.

3) I am “pro” property rights.

4) like to limit government overreach

I will continue to serve with respect, civility and fairness to all and for all.

I would be honored to serve You And ask for your support and vote.

Thank you