Kirk Chaffee is no stranger to Meade County residents. He has spent his entire life amongst its citizens. For the past six years he has faithfully represented District 29 in the S.D. House of Representatives. Chaffee is now seeking the lone District 29 Senate seat. Incumbent Dean Wink is retiring and supports Chaffee.

“I’ve worked hard to make residents proud and to do what’s right for Meade County and its future generations. My work is unfinished. I want to provide a conservative framework for our state’s number one industry, agriculture, and provide rural communities with opportunities to prosper. South Dakota is one of the most fiscally responsible states in the country and it is important we keep it that way.

“Twice I have been elected by my peers, House Majority Whip Leader, due to my leadership and consensus building skills. I would very much appreciate continuing my work in the Senate. I am passionate about finding common sense solutions. I work hard to be a solid advocate for the citizens of Meade County. While others talk the talk, I will let my accomplishments in the legislature speak for themselves. 
Chaffee has a lifetime of experience in business and governmental affairs. He has earned the distinction of being the state’s foremost expert in South Dakota’s complicated property tax system. As a result, he successfully led the effort to correct the unfair method of assessing agricultural land valuation. Chaffee, who chairs the House Taxation Committee, said, “I’ve successfully sponsored 17 tax relief bills that have been signed by the Governor, but” the man, who served as Meade County’s Director of Equalization for three decades, said, “I am not done. There are more inequities. I am excited to be a member of the summer legislative study on property tax.

“A solution must be found to the S.D. Department of Revenue’s market value requirement concerning in particular how owner-occupied homes in the Black Hills are assessed. Longtime homeowners are finding their homes (they do not plan to sell) are increasing in unsustainable valuation assessments because of skyrocketing inflationary prices other homes are selling for. Many of these residences are vacation homes. Legislators did not envision this unnatural, unpredictable inflationary situation that has taken place in the last couple of years when the current assessment criteria were adopted. Times change, and we legislators must respond accordingly.
“I was successful in the House establishing legislation aimed at helping senior homeowners. It failed in the Senate. One of my goals when I am in the Senate, is to get it passed in the next session,”
“In addition to these legislative successes,” Chaffee said, “I had a key role in passing South Dakota’s largest tax cut. I was honored for leading the effort to protect taxpayers by stopping equity theft in the property tax system.
“Cybersecurity and quantum computing are going to be part of South Dakota’s future economic engine thanks to the steps taken during this past legislative session. Meade communities have been able to take advantage of the infrastructure funds made available for the development of water and housing projects.

“Our democracy must be protected. Your legislature has created the gold standard in election integrity and has blocked social media companies from influencing our elections.”
”My legislative decisions are based on the same conservative fundamental values I exercise in my daily life. I believe in ALL the Constitutional Amendments, including the Second, which I exercise. My personal, religious, and political beliefs define me as a Pro-Life supporter, and I am “pro” property rights. I am as fiscally conservative in spending your hard-earned tax dollars as I am when it comes to how much I will spend in my campaign for a political office,” he said.
Chaffee has had a full legislative plate. He was appointed to the States Affairs Committee, two terms; elected chair of the Ag Land Assessment Oversight Task Force; served on the Local Government House Committee; appointed to these summer studies: 2024 Study on Property Tax Methodology; 2023 Study on County Funding; 2022 Study on Property Tax Structure; 2021 Study on Adult-Use Marijuana; 2020 Joint Local Government Committee; and 2019 Study on Electric Services in Annexation.
The father of two is married to  Michelle,. and grandfather of 9